What the Heck Is "Team Cramp" Anyway?


Here's the story...

Team Cramp was inspired in 1990 by a group of off-road motorcycle racers who raced and traveled together. After a 3-hour race in South Texas on one of those 100 degree plus days, this group all came down with leg cramps. Laughing, they said "We should call ourselves Team Cramp." Well, the name stuck, and this group grew. These racers became known for their enthusiasm and the feeling of camaraderie that they embodied. They gave 200% at every race and seemed to carry these events with their off track character by sponsoring cookouts and hospitality booths the day before the race.

That's what Team Cramp is all about.

Remember the Team Cramp motto:

If it's worth doing..... It's worth overdoing!

There are many associate Team Cramp'ers but the True Team has 12 and only 12 members!

Here they are:


Randy Porter

Darren Porter

Greg Schaefer

Jim Schaefer

Ed Hixon

Mike Williams

Brad Whitworth

Bill Newkirk

Ben Coffman

Jerry Dietsch

Randy Heideman

Mike Hance