Team Cramp Fall 99' Ride and Chili Cookoff

As Usual... If you missed it....You missed it!


This Year we started out by fielding two teams in the Bedias Open Golf Classic.

Team 1 Bill Evans, Jack Huggins, Mark Watson, Mike Hance

Team 2 "Big Larry" Ashley, Bill Newkirk, Ed Hixon, Jerry Burk

Jack pulled the special golf cart down from Ne. so we wouldn't run out of beer as we did last year. The teams played well and TC 2 finished at 14 under for a 2nd and TC 1 finished up with 9 under good for 3rd.

By the time we returned to the ranch the woods were buzzing with the sounds of riders. The track was very dusty from the lack of rain, which as usual we received Sunday morning with great cool weather from a cold front. I'll time this right one of these years! Well the Newkirk family makes it 2 in a row for the injured list as Bill twisted a knee riding Randy's CR500. Also making the injured list were Kevin and Jerry. You guys are forgetting the first rule..Don't get hurt!! The gang of 4 -wheelers really helped cut in the x-country track. We missed Pam and her marathon laps but understand she is busy developing a new rider for the TC events in the years to come! Congrats Pam and Cole!

The chili cookoff was a hit once again this year, below are a few pictures I shot of the festivities:

A special note: It was found that a TC member, not to be named, was able to bribe this year's judges to take the crown from Randy Porter. This being brought to light, this year's competiton has been declared a draw! Being that every pot was cleaned out, all entries must have been winners! Thanks to Randy, Dru, Pam/Cole, LaLynda Hodges, and the combined effort of Kevin (coaching from a chair with broken ribs) and Roger for their effort! Garvice ran away with the beans title, but his beans are so good nobody will go up against him! LaLynda took "best dressed" chili with a wonderful presentation! Lisa brought a can of "wolf brand", a pan, and a can opener as her entry. The judges quickly disqualified her and asked that the can not be opened and be put in the trash ASAP! Jerry Burk was later seen digging it out and muttering something like "wasteful".

Thanks to this year's Judges Ed & Frank Davis and Jarrod Dreher

Lisa & LaLynda watch as the judges Ed and Frank get started, Frank brought "his advisor" Jack Huggins along this year.

Jerry and Susan check out the real food

Dru and Randy planning for next years combined entry

Crampers Roger,Larry, and Ben asking local rancher Greg Morris how he cleared the doubles on his ranch 4 wheeler!

Heidi meets a new friend....Patron!

Wheelie contest winner Randy Heideman came all the way from NY

LaLynda watches in disgust as the Judges sample without the use of new spoons!

Frank....The picture of happiness

Denise and Robert Upchurch make a guest appearence

Helen, LL, and Captain Don all smiles

Paul and Randy.... you figure it out!


I know we had some fun after the cook off but it is really somewhat of a blurrr for me... We did stop by Bill's 21st B-day party in town with a band, checked out the campers in the meadow... late...

The addition of the hot tub was a welcomed relief Sunday morning to help with some "bad heads" !

Thanks again to all that made this year a great time with a record crowd!


See ya next year!