Team Cramp 2003 Ride / Chili Cookoff

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Thanks to Terry and Mark for the digi photos!


Thanks to all of you who made the Sixth Annual Team Cramp Reunion Ride and Chili Cook-Off a GREAT success! It would not be the fun that it is without you! We would especially like to thank those of you who traveled so far this year… Randy and Jan Heideman from New York and Jack and Dee Huggins from Nebraska, as well as Mark Watson, Buddy and Collin Byrnes, Paul and Carole Burnett, Tom Aylett and David Lux, all from Dallas, and Shannon May from Lufkin. Many, many thanks to all of you who helped with the set-up, clean-up, and general operation of this event, including our hard working Chili Judges Frank Davis, Jack Huggins, Tim Akers, Ed Hixon, and Stephanie Cole, and the Cook-Off Committee of Mark Watson, Ed Davis, Ginny Davis, Jan Heideman, Dee Huggins, Dru Phelps, Gail Cain, and Shannon May. (We apologize if we have omitted any names from the list!) Thanks to Mark Watson for handling the Golf arrangements.

Early Saturday morning, the Team Cramp Golf Team hit the links, taking Second Place in the Bedias Open Charity Golf Tournament! (Second only because the first place team had a more creative scorekeeper!) Jack Huggins reports that there were no outstanding incidents that truly merited an award of the TC Hothead Award this year, so Jack will maintain control of the award for another year.

Many Crampers came up on Friday night, so the ride started bright and early Saturday morning! Gary Taylor received the First on the Track Award this year for his record breaking 8:00 am ride!

We asked Mother Nature for a little rain prior to the weekend and, in keeping with the Team Cramp Motto "If it's worth doing… it's worth overdoing," Mother Nature overdid it by about 3 ½ inches. Despite the mud, there were a record number of participants in the Second Annual Poker Run. Thanks to Randy Porter and Texas Metalwerks, winners received some wonderful nostalgic motocross prizes compliments of Mike Williams.

After the Poker Run, Trail Maintenance Chairman and Team Cramp Bar Manager, Greg Schaefer, called for an end to the riding and opened the Team Cramp Bar for business. Assistant Bar Manager Jill Tinkham offered a delicious and refreshing array of "Jillo" desserts to mud-caked riders.

We had 17 entries in the Cook-Off this year! Kristi Akers swept the Chili and Beans Categories, taking first in both! The team of Roger Boisjolie and Greg Schaefer took Second in the Chili Category, with teammates Bill Newkirk and Jill Tinkham taking Third. Ron and Judy Kent were the second place winners in the Beans Category, and Denise Upchurch took Third place. A new contender for 2003, Lance Ferguson, took First in the Mystery Category, with a truly outstanding seafood gumbo; Dru (a/k/a T.I.T.S.) Phelps took Second with another seafood gumbo; and Ginny ("Hello Kitty") Davis took Third with a delicious brisket. With an unbelievable number of entries in the Best Dressed Category, Terry McNally, the Secret Fashion Judge and sponsor of the 1st place Chili Bowl Trophy, had an extremely difficult time in choosing this year's winners. However, pink-tuffeted balletomane Randy Heideman pirouetted away with the First Place Mink Coat for 2003. Big Mike ("Don Ho Akelekeolame Ukulele") Rice took Second Place with a stunning set of coconuts and grass skirt. Buddy and Collin Byrnes took Third Place with an indescribable array of regalia and garb that completely defy description of any kind.

The post-cook-off party got off to a grand start with a Few Well Chosen Words from Team Cramp Official Spokesperson Bill Newkirk. Kevin Powers lit the bonfire, and Greg, Jennifer, and Jill opened the Team Cramp Bar, for an evening of good friends, good fellowship, and great memories.

Team Cramp Founding Members Ben Coffman, Jerry Dietsch, Jeff Foster, Mike Hance, Ed Hixon, Bill Newkirk, Darren Porter, Randy Porter, Greg Schaefer, Jim Schaefer, Brad Whitworth, and Mike Williams, together with your hosts, Mike and Susan Hance, THANK YOU for coming out and making the Sixth Annual Team Cramp Reunion Ride and Chili Cook-Off, as always, a great success!