Team Cramp 2005 Ride / Chili Cookoff

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Thanks to Unca Zed, Jerry D, and many others for all the photos this year!

There were so many we just picked 9 to give a feel for the event, we are making a master of all the others. You will want one these are some great photos! If you have any from this year and would like to add them get them to me in CD form. I will have a finished master ASAP just let me know and I'll get one to ya! Thanks all for making this a great event!!!

Make sure you read the recap at the bottom!!!


2005 RECAP

No surprise - the Eighth (can you believe it??) Annual Team Cramp Reunion Ride and Chili Cook-Off was a GREAT success! Thanks to the Team Cramp Crew - Ben Coffman, Jerry Dietsch, Randy Heideman, Ed Hixon, Bill Newkirk, Darren Porter, Randy Porter, Greg Schaefer, Brad Whitworth, and Mike Williams - whose effort and hard work make the reunion possible! Special thanks to Ed Hixon, Glyn Holland, Ron Kent, Rob Brandon, Randy Sullivan, and Jack Huggins for serving as judges this year; to Brad Whitworth, Mike Williams, and Randy Sullivan for donating the great prizes; to Terry McNally for donating, once again, the First Place Chili Trophy; to Mark Watson for organizing the golf game and for all his many many other contributions; to Jill Tinkham for those delightful Jillo® shots; to Mike Williams for his first rate bar services; to Pam and Cole McDonough for the pre-ride track prep and for the post-party cleanup; to Dru Phelps, Buddy Byrnes, Collin Byrnes, Bill and Jodie Hance, Randy Heideman, Bill Blackburn, Shannon May, and the Gordon family in its entirety, for all their help with pre- and post-party preparations; to Bill Steitenroth for the party pictures.

It's possible that we say this every year, but this was one of the best reunions we've had! The weather could not have been better. It was perfect from the Friday morning golf outing all the way through the ride and party on Saturday, to the Sunday Survivors Brunch! With so many memorable moments and good times, it's difficult to list them all. The vintage theme this year gave us a great opportunity to reminisce, share stories and pictures from the good old days, and actually ride some vintage bikes. Yes, believe it or not, you DID see Gary Goertzen out on the track! And what a great ride we had this year! The Mulholland crew was out in full force, Rob Riner, Paul Burnett, Kirk Spencer, Kirk Dillon, Buddy Byrnes, Tom Aylett, David Lux, Ron Munson, Randy Heideman, Team Cramp Crew, Rob Brandon, and as ole' Lynn Nickerson would say....and many others, had a great time in even the dusty dry conditions!

We had a record 18 entries in the Cook-Off this year! In the Chili Category, Team Cramp's own Chili Team of Bill Newkirk and Jill Tinkham took First place again this year (and are already making claims on next year's trophy!), with Roger Boisjolie taking Second place, and J. R. Ott taking Third. In the Beans Category, Garvice Risinger took the First Place trophy back to Madison County, and Jerry Dietsch swept the Mystery Category with a life-saving* potato salad. (*Note from the Judges: After tasting JR's Hotter-'n-Hell-Can-Even-Imagine Unbelievably Scorching and Blistering Hot & Spicy Chili from Hell, the Chili Judges would like to express their gratitude to Jerry Dietsch for entering his deliciously cooling, thankfully cold and refreshing potato salad!) The First on the Track Award went to Rob Brandon again this year. And in the Best Dressed Competition, Kevin Felle took First Place in the Vintage Category (i.e., that's clothing, not age) and Buddy Byrnes placed First in the Fashion Faux Pas Maximus Competition. Other honorable mentions were Collin Byrnes and Mike Hance showing their After Five Vintage Party Line. In fact, Hance's couture was so hot that Tim Akers used it to start the bonfire. Did we say bonfire? Yes, despite the Burn Ban, with 90 percent of the Bedias Volunteer Fire Department in attendance, not to mention Dallas Firefighter Mark Watson, we felt safe in burning Mike's clothes. Thankfully, Kevin Powers was back this year to keep the bonfire burning! Team Cramp's Official Spokesperson and award winning speaker, Bill Newkirk, eloquently opened the festivities with a few Well Chosen Words. TC's Master of Mixology, Mike Williams, manned the Team Cramp Bar and served up an exceptional array of drinks and surprise spritzers, and Jill Tinkham served her signature Jillo® Shots to an appreciative crowd, including Rick James. And in true Team Cramp style, and with a little help from his friends, Kirk Spencer demonstrated the Team Cramp Motto, "if it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing!" Great friends, great fun, and great memories! Is it Oct 2006 yet? CU Then!