The Legend of "The Mug"


It all started at Lake Whitney GNC 1991.. 7am first pro moto would start and we would stand in the sweeper with the mug filled and down it while Lynn Nickerson called our progress.


It has become a tradition at Freestone for us to fill the mug before the start of the 450 Moto, wait for the leader to come by our sweeper position, start passing it around, and finish it before he makes it around a lap! We think The Mug holds 16 beers.


2011 Freestone National The Mug and Texas Pros!

Before we started, Dennis made a toast to Lynn Nickerson. How fitting as he was there and called the first downing at Whitney.. RIP Lynn!

First #29 Andrew Short Salutes The Mug on the Sight Lap!


5 Time Arena Cross Champion Dennis Hawthorne Starts The Race


Texas 70's Pro Randy "Sully" Sullivan Finishes The Mug with time to spare!


South Texas Legend Billy Click Shows Off The Win!


The Tradition Lives!


Mug Memories:

Bill Newkirk:

I remember the mug for sure at the Whitney GNC in '91 with Hance and I on our ATK 560's and I pulled over the first lap after leading across the finish line and took a swig.

The first time I remember the mug out on the sweeper it was a frenzy! As we had just decided to do it and did not know how much beer it would take. (also a very early wake up call) I had my stupid Igloo flip top with about 6-7 in it and we realized quickly "That Ain't going to cut it". Lucky that RP and Greg had come prepared, even though, severley handicapped and a little slow moving, with extra beer. Obviously, Williams was some where in the mix egging the process on to get done before the gate dropped. During the frenzy of filling the mug, the last beer was poured and the gate dropped! Who came around in the lead but the Doc (Dennis Hawthorne). That is when the frenzy went into overdrive with back track heavy slugs of the mug, and then! a towel flinging, screaming, resounding cheer for our guy!. It was a bit of a challenge for the 12 of us to down it in about 3/4 of a lap, maybe 1.7 min? But it was done and the tradition (one of many) started!

Brad Whitworth:

Mug memories, after downing several mugs ahhhh..... I forgot.